ECOLOGY (Bratislava)

Journal for ecological problems of the biosphere 

ISSN 1335-342X

The journal was edited with the title:
  • 1982 Ecology (CSSR)
  • 1990 Ecology (CSFR)
  • 1993 Ecology (Bratislava)



Instructions for authors.

1. Scope of the journal

The journal takes into account above all papers dealing with theoretical, methodological, as well as actual problems of landscape protection and planning at the level of ecosystems or their configuration.
When investigating ecological aspects of the care that is being paid to living conditions, the journal respects the true foundation of ecology taken as the science of mutual relations among organisms and their connections to environment. Therefore the journal does not take into consideration either the study of organisms themselves or of surroundings they live in, but emphasizes both functional and formal interrelations of matter and energy, which in their turn enable to investigate the dynamical processes as matter phenomena.
The ecological problems of biosphere in the journal are divided into four topics
– study of basic parts of ecosystems and their mutual interactions
– ecosystems, their structure, function and dynamics, bioproduction, biochemical cycles, flow of energy in ecosystems and its mathematical modelling
– deterioration of ecosystems and their parts, bioindication of changes in landscape
– theoretical and methodological questions of landscape ecology with regard to their application in ecological optimum of landscape use.

2. Manuscript

The original typed manuscript and one copy in English as well as one set of original figures and one copy of them should be submitted. The entire paper including abstract, text, references, and figure captions, must be typed double spaced on one side of the page only, with at least 3 cm left margin. The pages are to be numbered consecutively in the given order. The maximum length of an accepted paper is 25 pages including tables and figures.

3. Structure of a manuscript

The structure depends on the kind of work. Papers referring to field work are as usual divided in the following way:
a) Abstract – is should state the nature of the investigation and summarize its important results. The abstract should be informative, not descriptive and should not contain more than 20 lines.
b) Introduction
c) Material and methods
d) Results or knowledge achieved
e) Discussion or evaluation
f) Conclusion
g) References – must be listed alphabetically by author’s names. Each entry in the References must have a citation in the text. A references to a journal paper must include the year, the full title of the paper followed by the name of the journal properly abbreviated, the volume number, and pagination. Example: Phipps, M., 1981: Entropy and community pattern analysis. J. Theoret. Biol., 93, p. 253–273.

4. Preparation of manuscripts

The title of the paper should be concise and describe the solved problem in an explanatory way. The author’s name is to be placed below the title, followed by the name and address of the authour’s institution, including the postal code number. The authors are requested not to abbreviate either the name of the institution or its address. In case, there are multiple authors, include a byline for each different institution and address.
The title and the abstract should be combined on the same page. The author must add another copy of this first page, containing the title, the author’s name and the abstract for translation into Slovak or Czech.
Figures should be drawn on separate sheets, numbered with arabic numerals and identified on their back with both the figure number and the author’s name. Lettering on figures must be in India--ink, but not produced by hand or typewritten. High quality photographs are acceptable. The captions to all figures must be gathered on a separate sheet.
Tables should be numbered with arabic numerals and typed on separate sheets without column lines. Each table should have a brief title. Define all data in column heads.
Words and/or sentences which should be printed in italics must be in the manuscript underlined by a red pencil.
Manuscripts accepted for publication will be printed under the author’s imprimatur. This means that there is no further possibility of changing or altering the accepted manuscript in galley proofs.

The authors are requested to submit their manuscripts to

Editor’s office
Journal of Ecology (Bratislava)
Prof. Dr. M. Ružička, DSc.
Štefánikova 3, P.O.B. 254
814 99 Bratislava
Slovak Republic