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International Cooperation


15. 12. 2021 | 514 visits

The Department of International Cooperation is delighted to announce the official launch of the the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases' Joint Transnational Call (JTC) 2022 on the topic:


Development of new analytic tools and pathways to accelerate diagnosis and facilitate diagnostic monitoring of rare diseases


The aim of the funding opportunity is to enable scientists in different countries to build an effective collaboration on a common interdisciplinary research project based on complementarities and sharing of expertise, with expected impact to use the results in the future for benefit of patients.


Call timetable

16th December 2021 Information webinar for potential applicants

16th February 2022

Pre-proposal submission deadline

End of April 2022

Invitation to full proposal

15th June 2022

Full proposal submission deadline

28th July 2022

Deadline for rebuttals

December 2022

Notification of funding decision


The SAS' participation in the call was approved by the resolution no. 136 of the SAS Presidium on 14 October 2021. The Presidium has allocated to the call an indicative budget of up to 40,000€ per year (of which 15,000 € per year is an in-kind contribution of the SAS applicant’s organisation*) for funding of 1 project with maximum duration of 3 years.


JTC2022 documents and more information here: https://www.ejprarediseases.org/jtc2022/

Partner search tool: https://live.eventtia.com/en/jtc2022matchmaking

SAS contact person: Zuzana Černáková, +421 2 57510118, cernakova@up.upsav.sk


* All applicants from the SAS are required to contact the national contact person and send them a written declaration of the organisation's in-kind contribution following the attached template by the pre-proposal submission deadline (16 February 2022)