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Mobility and reintegration Programme of the SAS MoRePro


MoRePro Programme is a mobility and reintegration programme of Slovak Academy of Sciences with an intent to attract top domestic and foreign scientists to the SAS institutes. On the one hand, there is an effort to provide them with an adequate and motivating conditions for their scientific work, on the other hand, these scientists are expected to improve the research environment and scientific outputs. The SAS is thus seeking to attract future leaders to develop research topics in an international context competitively.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must be in possession of PhD or equivalent title at the time of applying, while not being limited by age or duration of work experience after obtaining a PhD or equivalent title. Applicants can be scientists working abroad as well as in the Slovak republic. The applicant may not be an employee of any SAS organization for a period at least 12 months prior to the application submission except for applicants after long-term stays abroad of at least 3 years length who have been employed by SAS organisation not earlier than 6 months prior to the application submission. Only the SAS scientific organisation can be the host organisation for the incoming scientist. The application must be written in English, sent electronically via the application system, and must contain all the requirements as set out in the Guide for Applicants.

Application procedure

Applications for the MoRePro Programme are submitted electronically through an application system, available on the programme website 6 weeks prior to the deadline for applications. It is necessary to register for the system before submitting the application. For details, refer to the Guide for applicants on electronic submission of applications.

Evaluation of applications

Applications are evaluated in two rounds. In the first round, compliance with eligibility criteria, technical and formal requirements is assessed. In the second round, applications are evaluated by independent experts and negotiated by the MoRePro Programme Evaluation Committees. On the basis of the above- mentioned steps, the Evaluation Committee will classify the applications into categories and elaborate a recommendation for funding for the SAS Presidium. Detailed information, including evaluation criteria, can be found in the MoRePro Programme Statute.

Implementation of projects

Duration of projects is max. 4 years. Successful applicants will be employed by the host institutes. Project funding is determined for incoming scientist salary, research cost and overheads for the host institute. Fulfilling of projects objectives and predetermined conditions will be assessed after first 2 years. In the event the project is not evaluated positively by the Evaluation Committee, the project´s funding will be terminated. The evaluation of the project after 2 years also takes into account obtaining of additional funds for project´s financing from sources outside the SAS. Incoming scientist undertakes to submit a project to obtain an ERC grant during the first 2 years of the project implementation.

SAS Presidium on its session on 11. 4. 2019 approved the first call for applications under the Programme MoRePro. The call was announces on 3. 6. 2019 with deadline for submission of applications on 6. 9. 2019. During the first call, we have received 14 applications, from which the evaluation committee selected 4 successful projects and recommended for funding. In the course of 2020 to 2021, MoRePro fellows gradually joined the SAS organisations 3 fellows. For brief information on supported projects, see section Funded projects below.

Funded projects