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From the exhibition, which is organised by the Centre of Biosciences SAS in Šenkvice Elementary School, on the topic: How I imagine a scientist

The Week of Science and Technology begins on Monday

9. 11. 2020 | 1940 visits

The 17th annual Week of Science and Technology (WST) in Slovakia will start on Monday, November 9, and will last until November 15, 2020. The Week of Science and Technology in Slovakia is organised annually by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information and the National Centre for the Popularisation of Science and Technology in Society.

The involvement of the SAS institutes is an integral part of the WST. In light of the ongoing pandemic associated with COVID-19 disease, the WST events are moving mainly to an online space this year, where the institutes from all three departments of the SAS prepared their events. In this way, the virtual visitors can get to know all kinds of research that the SAS does.
President of the SAS, Pavol Šajgalík, talks about their importance: "The most valuable one, which is born in the minds of scientists without any line given in advance, focuses on things that scientists find interesting. The second area of research is the one that society and the state need," and the President of the SAS gave the current pandemic situation as an example, which brings enormous psychological pressure on people. "Here, too, the role of scientists is, for instance, to guide the state on how to advise citizens.” Our economic situation requires the third type of research. "There is a huge hunger for the economy to be transformed into things with higher added value in Slovakia as well - and here is the irreplaceable role of science to add more common sense to products," summed up Pavol Šajgalík, who invites you to look at all of the mentioned areas of research in institutes of the SAS.

Interesting lectures through the ZOOM application which include space, cosmology, comets, asteroids or the Sun itself were prepared by the Astronomical Institute SAS. The Institute of Measurement Science SAS offers a virtual "walk" through its laboratories. In the online lectures of the Institute of Molecular Biology, you will learn whether proteins have their face, or about the code of life. The Biomedical Research Center SAS will post contributions on its website or Facebook site on topics such as how do they perform tests in the Center, or why vaccination is important.

It will certainly be interesting to check your knowledge of the Slovak language through a questionnaire on the website of the Ľ. Štúr Institute of Linguistics of the SAS. The Institute for Research in Social Communication has also prepared an online lecture on intimacy and politics. Online events are also offered by other SAS institutes, all you need to do is choose and just watch "from the comfort of your sofa".

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Text and photo: Andrea Nozdrovická

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