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O sochárstve, prírode a dotyku – z fenomenologickej perspektívy

In: ARS, vol. 56, no. 1
Jaroslava Vydrová


Year, pages: 2023, 57 - 62
Language: slo
phenomenology; nature; umwelt; sculpture; touch; corporeality
About article:
The text aims to present the possibilities of a phenomenological interpretation of a work of art, leading to a significant thematization of corporeality, sensual perception, and man’s in the world and nature. Tracing these motifs is based on examples from the work of Maria Bartuszová and Juraj Gavula and on analyses by Jan Patočka and Petr Rezek on sculpture and haptic resonance. The first part of the text concerns the context of creation and the penetrating to the basic form, its constitution, and Jakob von Uexküll’s notion of umwelt comes into play here. The second part concerns the phenomenological analysis of corporeality, touch and movement concerning the formation of the transition from inside to the exterior. Finally, we propose two possibilities into which this thinking can lead, which we present at the end of the text – one is a way to care for oneself, others and the world through a revival of the original relationship to corporeality in handmade art, the other is to trace the possibilities of a haptic resonance of the artwork that reveals the authentic experience of the standing of the world.
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ISO 690:
Vydrová, J. 2023. O sochárstve, prírode a dotyku – z fenomenologickej perspektívy. In ARS, vol. 56, no.1, pp. 57-62. 0044-9008. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/ars-2023-0006

Vydrová, J. (2023). O sochárstve, prírode a dotyku – z fenomenologickej perspektívy. ARS, 56(1), 57-62. 0044-9008. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/ars-2023-0006
About edition:
Published: 28. 6. 2023