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Súčasné obrazy socializmu v (jednom) lokálnom kontexte: od reflexií ku kontranaratívom

In: Etnologické rozpravy, vol. 29, no. 2
Kamila Koza Beňová Číslo ORCID


Year, pages: 2022, 21 - 44
Language: slo
biografický výskum, narátor, každodennosť, žitý socializmus, pamäť, naratív
biographical research, narrator, everyday life, lived socialism, memory, narrative
Article type: štúdia / article
Document type: štúdia / article
About article:
The study focuses on epistemological, theoretical-methodological, and ethical questions that touched on individual phases of the implementation of oral history, or biographical research, focused on the life histories of people who lived their adult life in the former Czechoslovakia. It pay attention to the specifics of the ethnological approach to the research of everyday life, the connection between the representation of the past in its current interpretations, and describes the possibilities and limits of the ethnological research of the past in the present. An essential factor in the interpretation and analysis of research data is the local context and the connection with a small industrial town that developed during the socialist era. The theoretical starting point of the research is the concept of memory, which is thematized from several points of view, while the moment of asymmetry between collective and individual memory is at the center of analytical interest. The subject of the analysis are the so-called micro-stories that communicate the current view of an ordinary person on their daily life in the past, i.e. in socialism, which is viewed not only as a specific historical epoch, but also as a special type of culture. The chosen perspective is based on the thesis that the perception and experience of lived socialism at the local level can differ significantly from the official interpretation of historical events, while this narrative is recognized as dominant. The chosen ethnological perspective does not seek to reconstruct history; it also notes the role of emotions in the research process and opens up the possibilities of the social significance of biographical research in the present.
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Koza Beňová, K. 2022. Súčasné obrazy socializmu v (jednom) lokálnom kontexte: od reflexií ku kontranaratívom. In Etnologické rozpravy, vol. 29, no.2, pp. 21-44. 2729-9759. DOI: https://doi.org/DOI: 10.31577/EtnoRozpra.2022.29.2.02

Koza Beňová, K. (2022). Súčasné obrazy socializmu v (jednom) lokálnom kontexte: od reflexií ku kontranaratívom. Etnologické rozpravy, 29(2), 21-44. 2729-9759. DOI: https://doi.org/DOI: 10.31577/EtnoRozpra.2022.29.2.02
About edition:
Publisher: Národopisná spoločnosť Slovenska / Ethnographic Society of Slovakia
Published: 13. 12. 2022
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License