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Zosúvanie pôdy pri Mikšovej

In: Geografický časopis, vol. 17, no. 4
Mikuláš Ingr - Pavel Mahút - Anton Porubský


Year, pages: 1965, 319 - 328
Language: slo
Document type: článok/journal
About article:
During the excavation work a considerable landslide occurred on a supplying canal of the Mikšová Cascade. The sliding material of older Quaternarian terraces menaced the supplying canal and the sliding place was to be stabilized. The main causes of the landslide are: geological structure of the territory, composite hydro- geological conditions, erosive action of the Waag (Váh) which conditioned the forming of partial fossil slides and the canal technical (excavation) work proper. The sanation — the stability of the landslide should be carried out temporarily by sumps and finally by a drainage adit in the front of landslide.
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ISO 690:
Ingr, M., Mahút, P., Porubský, A. 1965. Zosúvanie pôdy pri Mikšovej. In Geografický časopis, vol. 17, no.4, pp. 319-328. 0016-7193.

Ingr, M., Mahút, P., Porubský, A. (1965). Zosúvanie pôdy pri Mikšovej. Geografický časopis, 17(4), 319-328. 0016-7193.
About edition:
Publisher: Geografický ústav SAV/Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences