SAS presents the first steps of the CEMEA project

4.10.2019, 600 visits


On Friday, October 4, the Slovak Academy of Sciences presented the first steps in the operation of the CEMEA Structural Funds project - Center for the Use of Advanced Materials in Bratislava. The project also included the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Center for Functional and Surface-Functionalized Glasses (FunGlass) of the A. Dubček University in Trenčín, the SAS Center for the Use of Advanced Materials (CEMEA) and the Scientific Research Center of Excellence for Material and Interdisciplinary Research (SlovakiON) which are excellent R&D workplaces in advanced materials and technology.

The SAS project of building the Center for Advanced Materials was submitted by the Academy with partners in 2016. It passed through a strict evaluation network in the Teaming scheme, which is covered by the European Commission. Out of more than 150 European projects, experts selected the CEMEA project for the first thirteen. The Academy cooperated with the VTT Research Technical Center in Finland and the University of Helsinki.

In the presence of the Minister of Education, Science and Sport of the Slovak Republic, Martin Lubyová, the SAS presented the research objectives of the project aimed at surface modification and interfaces for new functionalities of structures and elements of advanced materials, biomedicine and sustainable energy and for the research on new nanomaterial, composites or layer structures with improved or new features of interest for advanced applications.

The SAS Center for the use of Advanced Materials - CEMEA SAS was established at the end of 2017 as an independent organization financed by a project supported by the European Union Structural Funds. However, the project funding of EUR 30 million was not released until June 2019. The project investigators intend to do high-quality internationally competitive research, to continue building laboratories with high-end infrastructure, and in particular to create a motivating environment to attract talented researchers from around the world. The project also intends to create a platform for the formulation of the consortium's research plans and scientific policy. (MW)

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Podpis Memoranda o spolupráci.
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O predstavenie projektu sa zaujímala aj ministerka školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu SR Martina Lubyová.
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Príhovor riaditeľky CEMEA RNDr. Evy Majkovej, DrSc.
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CEMEA SAV bolo zriadené koncom roka 2017.