Serbian Ambassador, M. Babić visits SAS

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This week, SAS President prof. Pavol Šajgalík received the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the Slovak Republic, Momčilo Babić. The topic of the meeting was mainly the current issues of cooperation in science and technology and its further development. The vice-chairman of SAS for Foreign Relations PhDr. Dusan Galik, CSc was also in attendance.
The SAS President presented the activity of the Academy, its short history, particularly since 1993, as well as the current events related to the transformation of the Academy, highlighting the lack of young scientists as one of the biggest problems in this respect.
The scientific cooperation between SAS and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) has existed between the two countries since 2001 and is focused mainly on joint projects and the exchange of experience and scientific information or publications.
Currently, SAS and SASA are working together on 20 joint projects and, as Momčilo Babić said, it is in the interest of both institutions to increase this number, because "cooperation among small countries is more beneficial than among big countries". (an)
Photo: Martin Bystriansky

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Nad srbskými publikáciami o Slovensku
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Zľava D. Gálik, podpredseda SAV, M. Babić, srbský veľvyslanec a predseda SAV P. Šajgalík