Birth Anniversary of Aurel Stodola

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On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the birth of Aurel Boleslav Stodola, a celebratory memorial assembly was held on 24 April at the Slovak University of Technology in honour of one of the most important scientists in Slovak history. It began with the laying of flowers under the bust of Aurel Stodola in the vestibule of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the STU and continued with speeches and cross-sections of his work in the auditorium of D. Ilkovič at STU.
The event was organized by the Slovak Technical University in cooperation with the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the town of Liptovský Mikuláš, where Aurel Bohuslav Stodola was born on May 11, 1859. After studying in Budapest, Zurich, Charlottenburg and Paris, he gradually became an authority in thermodynamics and a world-class scientist. The rector of the STU, Prof. Miroslav Fikar mentioned this in his opening speech as did other guests in subsequent speeches.
University teacher and historian Milan Petráš, author of the monograph Najväčší z veľkých – Aurel Bohuslav Stodola (The Greatest of the Great - Aurel Bohuslav Stodola) – both emotively and broadly details the life of the Slovak physicist of global significance, the founder of the theory of steam and gas turbines, in various details and contexts that illustrated his contribution and the times in which he lived. The size of his scientific activity and affable personality was also underlined by PhDr. Dusan Galik, CSc. "Stodola, by his effect and scientific significance, goes beyond the time in which he lived and worked."
Albert Einstein, who was a pupil and colleague of Aurel Stodola, wrote about him: "When I take my pen to write a few words about Professor Stodola, about the master of technology, about the gentle yet firm man, I feel that my skills of expression are too limited to pay tribute to such a person in the manner he deserves ... "

The prominent scientist and technician died in Zurich on December 25, 1942, where he was also buried. The remains of Aurel Stodola and his wife were transported and officially buried in 1989 in Liptovský Mikuláš, in their home town. Aurel Stodola was scientific but also a moral personality and authority. In his honour, SAS awards the Aurel Stodola Medal for the best work in physics and engineering. (SPN)

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Busta Aurela Stodolu v STU.
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Príhovor Dušana Gálika, podpredsedu SAV.
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