The Academy Assembly elects its new Chairperson

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The Patrónka premises of the SAS in Bratislava hosted the final General Assembly Meeting of the year on Wednesday 16 December 2015. The Meeting was held in the assembly hall of the Academy, under the Chairperson of the SAS Assembly, Ľubica Lacinova. The Assembly discussed a draft of Principles of 2016 Budget Formulation, and Report on activities of the Board of the SAS Assembly from September 2014 till December 2015, which were approved, with observations. In addition, the Assembly of the Academy dealt with detailed changes and amendments to the rules of SAS documents. During the Meeting, a statement of fulfilment of the Program Declaration of the SAS, which was submitted by the President of the SAS, Prof. Pavol Šajgalík, excited attention.

In accordance with the approved rules of regular rotation in office, the SAS Assembly appointed Katarína Gmucová, a current member of the Board of the SAS Assembly, to the post of the new Chairperson of the SAS Assembly for the following sixteen months. Katarína Gmucová is an independent employee engaged in scientific research, working at the SAS Institute of Physics. It took the longest to discuss wording of the guidelines concerning amendments to the SAS Assembly Statutes connected to coming SAS transformational changes in 2016.

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Predsedníčka Snemu SAV Ľubica Lacinová vedie zasadnutie Snemu SAV.
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Zasadnutie Snemu SAV sa konalo v areáli SAV v Bratislave.