Summer school for young solar physicists and geophysicists in High Tatras

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The Sun is a driver not only of the earthly but also the space weather. This relatively young term describes the state and changes of plasma (ionized gas), magnetic field, and radiation in the space between the Sun and the Earth’s surrounding above its atmosphere. Whereas the earthly weather influences biosphere, the space weather influences technosphere as a system of technological means the modern society depends on (powergrids, communication, transport, navigation, satellites, manned spaceships).

The international spaceweather initiative ISWI is a program of collaboration in research of the Sun and space weather. In the framework of this program the Astronomical institute of the Slovak academy of sciences hosted in 21-27 August 2011 the summer school for young solar physicists and geophysicists: 2011 ISWI - Europe summer school in space science. More than 20 lecturers from 11 countries provided intensive courses on cosmic physics, processing and interpretation of data from ground-based and spaced-based observatories of the Sun, spaceweather phenomena, ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth for 50 students and young scientists from 15 european and 12 exta-eureuropean countries. Slovak co-organizers of the summer school were Center of Space Research: Space Weather Influences in the Astronomical institute SAS in Tatranská Lomnica and Slovak central observatory in Hurbanovo. Detailed informations on the summer school are on the webpage:

RNDr. Ivan Dorotovič, CSc.
Slovak central observatory, Hurbanovo

Mgr. Július Koza, PhD.
Astronomical institute SAS, Tatranská Lomnica

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Participants of the European summer school in space science.
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Good spirit after a lecture and decoration of a lector (from left: RNDr. I. Dorotovič, CSc., RNDr. A. Kučera, CSc. a Doc. RNDr. P. Heinzel, DrSc.).
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A view into a lecture room.
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Solar wind and coronal mass ejections influence magnetosphere and ionosphere of the Earth.
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