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In: Geografický časopis

Komplexita ripariálnej zóny - príklad rurálneho segmentu vodného toku Torysa

Martina Cebecauerová - Milan Lehotský

ISSN 0016-7193, ISSN 2453-8787

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Rok, strany / Year, pages: 2012, 133-154

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Publikované / Published: 0000-00-00

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Comprehension of the development of any type of landscape requires integration of overall and local approaches and awareness of the effects attributable to both socio-economic and natural forces. Application of ideas of aggregate complexity emphasizing the synergy of the functioning system components and a synoptic (situational) approach accepting universal laws in a specific spatial and temporal context make it possible. Changes of 13 type of land cover in riparian zone of rural types are analysed and overall (the whole study area) and local (four parts – river reaches) aspects are interpreted by comparison of two time horizons (1987 and 2003) in this article. The studied territory was the basin-shaped meander segment of the River Torysa. Results suggest convergence of the riparian zone to qualitatively and functionally new status reflecting a change of its relationship to environs generated by the change of social situation and a change of its inherent functioning manifested in the increase of alluvial forest areas and increase of their width.

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Cebecauerová, M., Lehotský, M. 2012. Komplexita ripariálnej zóny - príklad rurálneho segmentu vodného toku Torysa. In Geografický časopis, vol. 64, no.2, pp. 133-154.

Cebecauerová, M., Lehotský, M. (2012). Komplexita ripariálnej zóny - príklad rurálneho segmentu vodného toku Torysa. Geografický časopis, 64(2), 133-154.

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riparian zone, complexity, development, River Torysa

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