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In: Ekonomický časopis/Journal of Economics, vol. 55, no. 9
Marek Loužek

Politická ekonomie Jean-Baptisty Saye


Year, pages: 2007, 905 - 915
Keywords: Keywords: Jean-Baptiste Say, history of economic thought, Law of Markets, John Maynard Keynes JEL Classification: B12
Article type: Vedecký článok

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The paper is concerned with the life and works of French classical economist Jean-Baptiste Say. First section outlines the life of Jean-Baptiste Say. Second section analyzes his “Treatise on Political Economy“(1803). Third section dis-cusses Say’s Law of Markets. Forth section deals with the Keynes’ interpretation of Say. Fifth section highlights Say’s actual legacy, especially his opinions on taxation and public debt.

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Loužek, M. 2007. Politická ekonomie Jean-Baptisty Saye. In Ekonomický časopis/Journal of Economics, vol. 55, no.9, pp. 905-915. ISSN 0013-3035.

Loužek, M. (2007). Politická ekonomie Jean-Baptisty Saye. Ekonomický časopis/Journal of Economics, 55(9), 905-915. ISSN 0013-3035.