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Institute of Hydrology

Director: Ing. Yvetta Velísková PhD.
Profile of the Institute: Institute of Hydrology SAS performs research in the field of Earth and environmental sciences and in the field of environmental engineering; its activity is focused to the field of surface and subsurface water hydrology. Since 2014 IH SAS consist from two scientific departments:

Department of surface water hydrology
Head of the department: Ing. Dana Halmová, PhD., (+421 2) 3229 3502

Department of subsurface water hydrology
Head of the department: Ing. Peter Šurda, PhD., (+421 2) 3229 3520

The Institute performs consultancy and expertise services related to the institute main activity. Institute is performing PhD study according to the actual legal regulations. The institute is publishing results of research by periodic and other publications (monographs; Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics, Acta Hydrologica Slovaca and others), and by scientific conferences and other meetings. Organization is spreading the results of research to propagate the Institute and to increase information level of specialists and interesting bodies.
Services: IMC-S-00-0071-UH: Estimation of hydrophysical, physical, transport, ......
IMC-S-00-0072-UH: Monitoring of the soil moisture changes in agricul......
IMC-S-00-0073-UH: Evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I......
IMC-S-00-0074-UH: Assessment of impact of pollution from point and n......