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Mathematical Institute

Director: doc. RNDr. Karol Nemoga CSc.
Profile of the Institute: The Institute of Mathematics was founded in 1959. In 1975 its Branch Institute was established in Košice. Finally, in 1993 the Department of Informatics (founded in 1991) was attached to the Institute. Institute of mathematics and informatics in Banska Bystrica was established in 2001 in cooperation with FPV of University of Matej Bel in Banska Bystrica.

Prime research activities of the Institute are focused on algebraic and topologic structures, number theory, mathematical logics, quantum structures, functional, harmonic and stochastic analysis, probability theory, mathematical statistics, graph theory, differential equations, computing complexes, theoretical aspects of programming languages, automata and computing systems.

The Institute of Mathematics is the publisher of two international scientific journals: Mathematica Slovaca and Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications, and the site of Slovak unit of Zentralblatt Math, Springer.

Services: IMC-S-00-0071-MU: Testing and introducing new medicines, mathematica......
IMC-S-00-0072-MU: Optimisation of transport and distribution of medi......
IMC-S-00-0073-MU: Evaluation of transport exploration and creation o......
IMC-S-00-0074-MU: Mathematical methods in cryptology