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Monitoring of the environment and the forest health-condition

Code: IMC-S-00-0075-UEL

Institute of Forest Ecology

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Forest as well as water ecosystems respond, by their nature, very sensitively to pollutants ( gases, solid particles, aerosols, etc.) from the air and begin to be their carriers. They react on local impacts and on long-distance transports of pollutants. We propose a co-operation aimed to monitoring of environmental (wood, soil) and sanitary forest, the influence of anthropogene activities and their impact on forest ecosystem,chemical and physico-chemical analysis of samples of water, soil solutions, quality evaluation according to sample chemical composition, and evaluation of the locality condition.


Forestry management


The staff of Institute of Forestry Ecology of SAS have several year practice in the area of chemical and physico- chemical analysis of water samples, in evaluation of negative environmental influences and evaluation of natural environment condition. The Institute owns instruments and laboratory equipment which enable it to determine samples in liquid phase (water, soil solutions, etc. the following items: pH, electric conductivity, ammonium ions, nitrates, sulphates, fluorides, hydrogen-carbonates, alkalises, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, soluble matters (inorganic and organic).


Elaboration of a research-report and of estimation by contract.