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Regional structure of Slovakia and dynamics of its development

Code: IMC-S-00-0071-GgU

Institute of Geography

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The changing socio-economic conditions also cause essential changes in the regional structure of Slovakia. Many conflict situations can be prevented by a sophisticated analysis of the spatial organization of population, settlement and economic activities.

The publications of the Institute’s workers contain a great amount of studies on the regional structure of Slovakia. The Institute has available extensive databases of regional statistics.


The geographic approach to the issues of population growth, structure and distribution, unemployment and the regional labour markets, life quality and spatial behaviour of man provides the expert view of the interaction between the different social, economic and demographic factors within the areal context.


Assessment of the economic, social and demographic developments at the level of regions, towns, and communes.


Evaluation of economic, social and demographic development at the level of areas, regions, towns and communities. Geographic and demographic characteristics, spatial and developmental analysis of statistics. Preparation of analytical material, maps, charts and tables.


Contracts on processing of the analytical and prognostic source materials, expert reports, and expertise concerning the urban and regional planning.