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Consulting, advisory and expertise in the fields of building mechanics and dynamics, building structures and materials, building physics, theory and history of architecture.

Code: IMC-S-01-0071-USTARCH

Institute of Construction and Architecture

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The institute offers consulting skills, advanced soft- and hardware for special numerical and experimental facilities, internationally acknowledged unique theoretical approaches at the design, the development of new methodologies and the applications in structural engineering and architecture. The offered services are provided with original and unique experimental facilities, as there are for example, the vibration tables for the earthquake simulations, the large artificial sky with the artificial sun for the day-lighting modelling and the insolation studies, the large climatic chambers for the testing of building structural elements and thermal systems, the devices for measurement of the heat and mass transport parameters of building materials, dynamic pulsation test machines, wind tunnel, loading machines suitable for failure tests, the machines and equipments for fatigue tests with variable time-history of loading, testing chambers and pools for long-term concrete deterioration, devices for the materials pore structure and relevant chemical and physical properties analysis, devices for stress-strain tests of building materials, for material durability tests, for short and long-term tests of materials and elements under different loading regimes and environmental conditions. The institute offers scientific outputs for standardization and national implementation of Eurocodes and ISO codes, it creates the backgrounds for technical development and design process in the branch of civil engineering, building physics, indoor climate design, utilization of solar energy, it creates the backgrounds for application of structural mechanics and computer-aided design in the civil and earthquake engineering design. It provides information backgrounds in the field of urban and regional planning, the decision criteria for infrastructure design and development of residential areas, in electronic form it provides the information from the database on 20th century architecture of Slovakia.


Application of the complex building performance assessment, the replacement of the traditional development - design empirical approaches by the progressive methodologies based on the detailed modelling of the interactions between particular building elements and on the determination of the reliable material and climatic parameters.


Regional development, quality check, diagnostics of defects, development of new materials, development of tools of information and communication technologies for the building design, the creation of the databases of material and climatic characteristics for design.