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Instrument for measuring specific heat, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of materials (Thermophysical Transient Tester RTCE) .

Code: IMC-P-00-0022-FU

Institute of Physics

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The instrument measures specific heat, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity within temperature range from – 20oC up to 80oC in air, vacuum or inert atmosphere. A specimen in the form of rectangle in size up to 250x250x400 mm can be used.


Instrument is based on Pulse Transient method. Inhomogeneous materials and various surrounding atmospheres as well as a possibility to estimate three parameters are the main attributes of our instrument. Similar type of instrument doesn’t exist on the market.


Instrument is aimed for measuring thermophysical properties of materials, especially materials for civil engineering. Universities, research institutes, metrological laboratories and testing laboratories for materials and quality are among possible customers.


Design and construction of the electronic part is finished. The chamber is under development.


Collaboration with dealer in marketing and merchandizing of the instrument is welcomed. Moreover, partners having a possibility of service and completion of the instrument are appreciated.