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Modelling of long-term outdoor environment influence on hygrothermal state of vertical envelope structures

Code: IMC-S-00-0073-USTARCH

Institute of Construction and Architecture

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At the assesssment of envelope structures durability the long- term influence of wind and rain together with a solar and longwave radiation on external surface is an important factor. This influence is reflected in the resultant hygrothermal state of structures and in durability of their surface layers: frost resistance, cracks initiation, corrosion and biological degradation.


Modelling of long-term vertical envelope structure exposure to simultaneous wind, radiation and rain in concrete location in Slovakia, numerical simulation of long-term hygrothermal performance of surfece layers.


Replacement of contemporary empirical approaches by the methodology based on detailed modelling.


Diagnostics of deffects and renovation of buildings.


Nowadays the accessible climatic database for territory of Slovakia is processed.