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Mechanical properties, durability and performance of concrete

Code: IMC-S-00-0071-USTARCH

Institute of Construction and Architecture

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Concrete is an active object of environment influence, which reacts sensitively enough upon it and can change it at all the stages of its existence. Taking into account the existence of many parameters in evaluation of concrete state, it is necessary to know that primary aspects of concrete properties assessment, its durability and performance are based at our workplace on a high degree of knowledge about its inner processes ( cement hydration, porosity development ).

The research conducted in our laboratory provides the determination of:

  • the properties of freshly - mixed concrete ( temperature, unit weight, slump, air content )
  • mechanical properties ( compressive, flexural, splitting-tensile strength, dynamic and Young´s modulus of elasticity, weight and length changes )
  • resistance to liquid aggressive media, carbonation, freezing and thawing cycling and high temperature loading
  • chemical state and deterioration respectively ( X - ray and thermal analysis, chemical analysis, porosity )
  • materials properties used for the manufacture of concrete ( cements, sand, aggregates, powder admixtures ).
The main aim of the above testing is to establish the real structural - functional state of concrete, in the case of specimens taken from a construction the correct physico - chemical diagnostics of concrete.


the reliable assessment of physical state of concrete for all types of concrete constructions by standardized procedures and other verified methods


the check of quality of produced concrete and diagnostics of concrete constructions


approximation to testing of the EU