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Production of semiconductor radiation X- and gamma-ray

Code: IMC-T-00-00001-ElU

Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS

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Dimension of a detector chip is approximately 7x2.5 mm2, with wafer thickness between 200 - 300 μm. Number of pixels in a line is 32 with pitch 220 μm at present. The chip is bonded onto ceramic support with the pitch of contacts 400 μm. A new chip with 64 pixels and pitch 110 μm is being developed. On the basis of customary request we are able to propose and produce any type of monolithic chip of array of GaAs-based radiation detectors.


The product of this type is not available on the world market at present. Detection performance of detectors is suitable for application in digital radiology with the energy separation of photons (limit in energy resolution is less than about 5% HWHM in types produced now), for radiation monitoring (detection of charged particles is also possible). Stopping length is 0.2 - 0.3 mm (radiation is in parallel with the electric field) or 2 mm (radiation is perpendicular to the electric field in the detector).

Following advantages:

low price in comparison with another types of radiation detectors available on the market, high counting rate, resistance against radiation damage, high spatial resolution (in a range of 10 μm).