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Biological and Chemical Sciences
Method of linking of the biologically active compounds containing amino-group with polysacharides.
Method of preparation of the water-soluble sulfo-derivatives of microbial (1->3)-b-D-glucans.
Plumbagin-naphthoquinone pigment.
Production of cellulase
Production of cellobiose.
Analysis of multi-component polymer blends.
Adhesives with permanent stickiness VERMIFIX / ECOFIX
Mini-columns for solid phase extraction SEPARCOL, CARB-SEAL.
Wide - pore silica gels with pore diameters 20 - 100 nm.
Removing of ammonium vapors from the building interiors.
Removing of ammonium vapours from the building interiors.
Development and production of special adhesives and sealant.
Improvement of aluminium quality and of energetic and environmental characteristics of aluminium electrolysis.
The increase of the transformation and biodegradation abilities of the microorganisms.
Rare sacharids and their derivats
Biopolymer surfactants on the basis of amphiphilic biodegradable polysaccharide derivatives
Oligosaccharides with regulating and signal properties.
O-3-Trimethylammonium-2-hydroxypropyl derivative of (1-4)-b D-xylan type hemicelluloses and method of preparation
Ceramic components
The Escherichia coli L-treonine producer.
Development of bioreactor system with immobilisied microbial degraders of crude oil substances and phenol type pollutants.
Fermentation processes improvement.
Testing of biodegradability of new refinery products and petrochemicals.
Adhesives with permanent stickiness CELUPOL
Electrically conductive adhesives / sealant ELEKTROPOL
Repair adhesives / sealant TERMOPOL and FLEXOPOL
Adhesive for application in rail tracks RAILPOL.
Electrically conductive polymer composites based on the rubber or plastics matrix.
Macroparticulate spherical mesoporous silica gel
Luminometer LUMIPOL