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Engineering Sciences
Production of semiconductor radiation X- and gamma-ray
Hydrodynamic separator
Gold recovery from arsenopyrite sulphidic concentrates.
Mechanical properties, durability and performance of concrete
Prediction of degradation speed and assessment of the state of concrete in aggressive carbon dioxide environment
Modelling of long-term outdoor environment influence on hygrothermal state of vertical envelope structures
Programming system for development of control logic for distributed production systems.
Laboratory for measurement of weak magnetic fields
Statistical data analysis
Construction of sampling plans - Quality control
Consulting, advisory and expertise in the fields of building mechanics and dynamics, building structures and materials, building physics, theory and history of architecture.
The biologic-chemical treatment of silicate raw materials
Nuclear humidity detector
Processing of wastes formed during the treatment of salt brine for agricultural purposes
Optimiser of rock disintegration processes
Use of iron-works originating abrasive slurries
Refining of alkaline solution of thio-salt removing mercury and arsenic by cementation
Technology of grinding of ceramic materials
Electromagnetic preventer of throat of oil wells
Complex technology of treatment and use of kaolinic and glass sands
Pellets strength meter MPP-1
Method of identification of biogenous risks
Technology of treatment of glass waste used for production of high effective abrasive materials
Biological degradation and decontamination of oil pollution.
Technology of zeolitisation of fly ashes.
Recovery of silver from roasted sulphide ores using chloride method
Biological regeneration of ferric sulphate leaching solutions
Removal of Fe from waste and technological waters
Hydrometallurgic processing of collective concentrates of poly-metallic ores
Density regulator DR-2
Development of micro-electromechanical sensors.
Development of software products.
Design and realization of integrated circuits
Design and realization of printed circuit boards
Materials prepared by directional solidification.
Aluminium (titanium) based composite material reinforced with continuous boron (SiC, steel) fibres.
Coating of tows of continuous carbon fibres by copper or nickel.
Copper - carbon fibre composites with controlled thermal expansion.
Aluminium foam.
Infrared thermometer IRT.
Manufacturing of composite materials using the pressure infiltration technology.
Copper based composite material reinforced with continuous tungsten fibres.
Speech synthesis and speech analysis products in Slovak
Infrared image processing system
Simulation of production process scheduling algorithms from the viewpoint of time and economic minimum (automatic assembling line).
Thermal imaging system for process control
Integrated Programming System for Robot Control