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Percepcia riečnej krajiny (príklad vodného toku Smrečianka)

In: Geografický časopis, vol. 61, no. 4
Ivana Tomčíková - Milan Lehotský
Rok, strany: 2009, 269 - 289
Kľúčové slová:
perception, river landscape, inhabitants, students, tourists
O článku:
The paper contributes to research on riverine landscapes and its aim is to assess their perception by local population, tourists, students of natural sciences (geography and biology) and humanities. It rests on formulation of hypotheses associated with the perception, their confirmation or denial applying subjective (experimental and experience-dependent) approach through questionnaires and assessment of photos. The riverine landscape along the Smrečianka stream in the Liptovská Basin in the Západné Tatry Mts. represented the research area. Data collection from three sets of respondents was carried out: 80 randomly selected locals, 60 randomly selected tourists and 60 students (30 students of pre-school and elementary education and 30 students of geography and biology). Apart from the main hypothesis (H0) “Persons at different ages and pertaining to different socio-economic groups perceive the riverine landscape in a different way”, six partial hypotheses (H1 – H6) were formulated. The main H0 hypothesis was not altogether confirmed. It was found out that education of inhabitants was the decisive factor in relation to the landscape. While age was decisive in the case of tourists, differences in perception between students of natural sciences and those of humanities were not confirmed; both prefer the natural intact riverine landscape, they feel better there and they identify more with it.
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Tomčíková, I., Lehotský, M. 2009. Percepcia riečnej krajiny (príklad vodného toku Smrečianka). In Geografický časopis, vol. 61, no.4, pp. 269-289. 0016-7193.

Tomčíková, I., Lehotský, M. (2009). Percepcia riečnej krajiny (príklad vodného toku Smrečianka). Geografický časopis, 61(4), 269-289. 0016-7193.