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Information Page of SAS Employee


Mgr. Adrián Nemergut Ph.D.

International projects

iNEAL - Integrating Neandertal Legacy: From Past to Present

Integrácia neandertálskeho dedičstva: Od minulosti po súčasnosť

Duration: 15.10.2020 - 14.10.2024
Program: COST
Project leader: Mgr. Nemergut Adrián Ph.D.

National projects

Technology and economics of raw materials in the context of the development of Postpaleolithic lithic stone industries in Slovakia.

Technológia a ekonómia surovín v kontexte vývoja postpaleolitických kamenných industrií na Slovensku

Duration: 1.1.2019 - 31.12.2022
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Mgr. Nemergut Adrián Ph.D.

* Importance of obsidian sources in Slovakia in the Neolithic and Eneolithic period

Význam zdrojov obsidiánu na Slovensku v období paleolitu až eneolitu

Duration: 1.7.2021 - 30.6.2025
Program: APVV
Project leader: PhDr. Cheben Ivan CSc.

Projects total: 3

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