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Information Page of SAS Employee

Curriculum vitae

Mgr. Peter Vršanský, PhD.


Mgr. at the Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia (diplom at the Russian Academy of sciences with stays at BNHM London, Imperial College Ascot, AMNH New York, Greifswald University etc.)

PhD at the Geological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava and Lomonosov University in Moscow.

Zikmund and Hanzelka (UNESCO WH) award for the 1995 project, Czech Republic

The prize of the Czech Geographical Magazine (best 1997 project).

Recognition of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1998-2001)

The Systematic Association, 1998: Systematics of sensillar apparatus of the fossil insects

AMNH, New York: Umenocoleus, an amazing living fossil insect form

The highest Academic Award of the Rector of the Comenius University, Slovakia 1998

NABU prize 1999 (Berlin and Greifswald): Baikal Seal project

Hans Rauting collective prize (auspiced by A.P. Rasnitsyn) for the best paleontological publication of the year 2002

NMNH prize (Washington D.C.) 2005: contribution to the origin of the modern ecosystems (insects from the Green River)

Selected publications:

Vršanský, P. (2000): Decreasing variability-from the Carboniferous to the Present! (Validated on independent lineages of Blattaria). Paleontol. J. 34 (Suppl. 3): 374-379.

Vršanský, P., D. Chorvát, I. Fritzsche, M. Hain & R. Ševčík, 2012. Light-mimicking cockroaches indicate Tertiary origin of recent terrestrial luminescence. Naturwissenschaften 99, 9: 739-749.

Referred in Science, Nature, PNAS, BBC (5, 3 title pages), National Geographic (9), Scientific American, Time (2), New Scientist (3), Times of India, Vesti (3) etc.

Peter Vršanský, Robert Oružinský, Danil Aristov, Dan-Dan Wei, Ľubomir Vidlička & Dong Ren (2017) Temporary deleterious mass mutations relate to originations of cockroach families. Biologia 72/8: 886-912.

Peter Vršanský, Günter Bechly, Qingqing Zhang, Edmund A. Jarzembowski, Tomáš Mlynský, Lucia Šmídová, Peter Barna, Matúš Kúdela, Danil Aristov, Sonia Bigalk, Lars Krogmann ,Liqin Li, Qi Zhang, Haichun Zhang, Sieghard Ellenberger, Patrick Müller, Carsten Gröhn, Fangyuan Xia, Kyoichiro Ueda, Peter Vďačný, Daniel Valaška, Lucia Vršanská, Bo Wang (2018) Batesian insect-insect mimicry-related explosive radiation of ancient alienopterid cockroaches Biologia 73: 987.

Peter Vršanský, Hemen Sendi, Danil Aristov, Günter Bechly, Patrick Müller, Sieghard Ellenberger, Dany Azar, Kyoichiro Ueda, Peter Barna, Thierry Garcia (2019) Ancient roaches further exemplify ‘no land return’ in aquatic insects. Gondwana Research 68: 22-33.

Vršanský, P., Vršanská, L., Beňo, M., Bao, T., Lei, X., Ren, X.J., Wu, H., Šmídová, L., Bechly, G., Jun, L., Yeo, M., Jarzembowski, E. (2019) Pathogenic DWV infection symptoms in a Cretaceous cockroach. Paleontographica Abteilung A 314, 1–10.

Vršanský P, Koubová I, Vršanská L, Hinkelman J, Kúdela M, Kúdelová T, Liang J-H, Xia F, Lei XJ, Ren XY, Vidlička Ľ, Bao T, Ellenberger S, Šmídová L, Barclay M (2019) Early wood-boring ‘mole roach’ reveals eusociality “missing ring”. Amba projekty 9, 1, 1-28.















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