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Information Page of SAS Employee

Curriculum vitae

JUDr. Eduard Bárány, DrSc.

Eduard Bárány, JUDr. DrSc. Born 09.12.1955 in Bratislava, Graduaated from the Faculty of Law Comenius Universty, CSc. he received from Institute of State and Law, Slovak Academy of Sciences and DrSc. From Charles University Prague. Actualy he is head of Department of Public Law at the Institute of State and Law Slovak Academy of Sciences, . He served in various public offices: MP, vice -president of the Constitutional court of the Slovak republic, adviser to the prime minister, chairperson of the State commission for election and control of political party financing, substitute member of the Venice Commission, . He is author of numerous articles in journals and o 4 books: State and Society, Power and Law, The concepts of Good Law, Formal properties of Law. Recently he published on, legal theory, legal pluralism, postmodern and law, legal methodology, interpretation of law.