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Helping Ukrainian scientists

  • The scholarships under preparation concern those interested in scientific work at our institutes who (after 1.2.2022) were forced to come or will come to Slovakia and meet the criteria for a postdoctoral researcher, senior scientist (minimum 75% of qualification requirements IIa) and senior research fellow (150% of qualification requirements IIa). The financial support is intended for a period of 36 months, it will be possible to cover the wage claims of selected applicants at the level of the average wage at the above qualification levels.
  • The call is open from 19.05.2022 until the funds are exhausted, but no later than December 31, 2022. Each applicant (also each SAS organization) submits the application separately and is signed by the organization's statutory. At the same time, each institution can submit any number of applications. A total of 100-150 applications will be supported in the call.
  • When submitting applications, it is necessary to follow the instructions published on the website of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic - Call for support for researchers in danger by a conflict in Ukraine
  • SAS is a partner of an initiative Science for Ukraine which on an international basis gathers information on support for Ukrainian scientists.
Science for Ukraine

How we helped

  • The SAS strives within its possibilities to help Ukrainian colleagues and their families by providing temporary accommodation within its accommodation facilities.
  • Individual SAS organizations also provide help