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Ilustračná snímka. Foto: pixabay.com/blickpixel

Slovakia is closer to the new PERUN supercomputer

22. 5. 2024 | 125 visits

Slovakia is one step closer to the new cutting-edge PERUN supercomputer. Centre of Operations SAS, which covers its establishment and operation, announced a public tender for its development and construction. The contract will be financed from the funds of the Recovery and Resilience Plan mechanism.

The construction of the PERUN supercomputer is part of the project "Development and construction of a supercomputer for the National Supercomputing Centre”, which represents a strategic investment for the support of science, innovation and advanced digitization in Slovakia. The supercomputer will be located at the SAS complex in Bratislava and, after procurement and operation, will be made available to a wide community of Slovak users, including persons from small and medium-sized enterprises and industries.

The procurement of the excessive order was preceded by preparatory market consultations, which were held in several rounds. "Thanks to intensive communication with potential suppliers, we were able to prepare the assignment of the subject of the contract at a high professional level, optimize requirements, mitigate potential risks, and, last but not least, increase transparency," states Ing. Nikola Kovaničová, general director of the Centre of Operations SAS.

The result of the public procurement will be the conclusion of a Works Contract with the successful bidder for the subject of the contract, i.e. the PERUN supercomputer itself and a modular data centre with supporting technologies.

Centre of Operations SAS invites all qualified entities to participate in public procurement and help bring to Slovakia the latest technologies in the field of high-performance computing for application in scientific research, education, adoption of the latest trends in digitization, and also in international cooperation.

The public procurement notice is published in the Public Procurement Journal and the EC Official Journal. The tenderer will exercise the criteria for selecting the most successful bid in a way that, in addition to computing power and price, takes into account, to a significant extent, the environmental and economic aspects of supercomputer operation.