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The Slovak Academy of Sciences is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its foundation

The Slovak Academy of Sciences is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its foundation

12. 5. 2023 | 422 visits

In 2023, the Slovak Academy of Sciences commemorates the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Act on the Slovak Academy of Sciences, which defined its foundations and the form in which it exists today. The Academy will celebrate this significant jubilee with several events. The main celebrations will take place in Bratislava on June 23 and 24, 2023.

„SAS was established in an atmosphere of strong Soviet influence. This affected its structure and focus. In 70 years, however, it did not adumbrate her fatal deformity. Fortunately, today the SAS ranks with standard European scientific institutions in terms of both level and focus,“ emphasizes Pavol Šajgalík, the President of the SAS, on the occasion of the anniversary of the SAS.

During seven decades, the Academy has overcome many milestones and historical moments. Several of them will be commemorated on Friday, June 23, 2023, at a matinee in the New building of the Slovak National Theatre. „This is the opportunity to remember the previous 70 years of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and highlight our colleagues who have made a significant contribution to its development. I believe that this will be a worthy focus on SAS as the most reliable state institution and a scientific organization that produces science of the highest quality, at least in the Central European area,“ adds P. Šajgalík. SAS will also stream the event for the public online. The live broadcast will be available on SAS's YouTube channel.

The jubilee celebrations of the largest scientific institution in Slovakia will also involve the presentation of its research topics and the results of individual institutes. After the pandemic break, the Weekend with SAS event will take place again, on June 23 and 24, 2023, this time, however, it will be held at Námestie M.R. Štefánika near OC Eurovea.

Both children and adults can look forward to the two-day science festival, at which SAS institutes from all over Slovakia will be presented. Visitors can take a look at more than 45 stands, which will bring the latest research results, interactive exhibits and fun scientific activities not only for the little ones to the capital. Lectures by scientists on various topics and discussions will complement the program on stage.

You will experience a live broadcast of the television show EXPERIMENT with Gregor Mareš (RTVS) and also the live SAS scientific podcast, where its host Peter Boháč will lead a conversation with the President of the SAS, Professor Pavol Šajgalík. Early Friday evening at 6:30 p.m., you can enjoy the evening concert of the popular Slovak band Korben Dallas. The entertainment will be provided by hosts Richard Vrablec and Ivan „Binďo“ Bindas.

The Weekend with SAS event is supported by general partners: ESET, ESET Science Award, Nadácia SLSP and partners: EUROVEA, Matador Group, BKIS and Združenie správy námestia.

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