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Orthophoto map of the SAS area at Patrónka in Bratislava. Source: SAS

SAS wants to have a top science campus at Patrónka, announces an urban planning competition

27. 3. 2023 | 331 visits

The goal is to find the best development plan and rules for the campus of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. It is to become a comfortable and modern space for work that attracts talented scientists, as well as a place for the public to relax and learn about science.

During the former regime, the best Slovak architects worked on the construction of the campus at Patrónka. Today, we can find valuable architecture in the premises, such as the building of the Institute of Chemistry SAS by architect Karol Paluš, generously designed green spaces and works of art by leading Slovak authors.

Construction was planned in three stages. Architects such as Karol Paluš, Martin Kusý and Stanislav Talaš worked on the designs of the individual phases in the 1950s and the following decades. These concepts were not fully implemented. Currently, it is necessary to redefine the vision of future development, taking into account current needs and challenges. The Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) is looking for it in an urban planning competition, the task of which was prepared by the architectural studio 2021 in cooperation with SAS representatives.

"We want to open the campus more to the public, enable its wider use and promote science in this way. It should achieve a similar quality to scientific campuses in developed countries or campuses of leading technology companies," says the president of the SAS, Pavol Šajgalík.

The urban design should enable the capacity increase in the premises. They would serve in the event of a decision to move SAS institutes, which are currently located in other parts of the city. Or in case there is a need to increase the number of employees in the future, for example, due to the establishment of a new institute. Currently, approximately 2,400 people work at the SAS in Bratislava, of which approximately 1,700 are on the premises.

Competitors should define development areas on the premises for buildings and spaces that are missing today or are being handled provisionally. SAS plans to complete the construction of depositories, study rooms, a central library, laboratories and office space in the coming years.

In the future, individual institutes could share top laboratories, auditoriums and meeting rooms. Common conference rooms and an information point with exhibition halls are to be created in the area, which will be the first point of contact for visitors and employees. At the same time, there are plans to build a dormitory for doctoral students, starter housing for spouses, and hotel capacities.

The SAS campus should function as a park with calm traffic where the public can relax in the shade of trees and even learn interesting things from the world of science. There will also be new pedestrian connections with the future campus of ESET and the Bratislava Zoo. The campus, which is currently fenced off and has only one functioning entrance, should become a more valuable and active part of the city.

More information about the SAS campus at Patrónka in Bratislava, its history, current status and the results of the survey on employee expectations, can be found on the SAS website under the Current links section.

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