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International Cooperation

Academy of Finland´s October call

6. 9. 2007 | 3198 visits
In the Academy´s October 2007 call, applications are invited for e.g. the

Finland Distinguished Professor Programme (FiDiPro). This is the second time
the Academy invites applications for FiDiPro funding. FiDiPro offers
universities and research institutes an opportunity to hire foreign
professor-level researchers or Finnish professor-level researchers who have
long worked abroad to conduct and promote research in Finland for a fixed

The October 2007 call also includes coming forward for an Academy
Professorship. The Academy encourages both men and women to apply. In order
to be considered for appointment to an Academy Professor post, applicants
shall have demonstrated their skills and competence in research and be
regarded as contributing to the progress of research in their own field.

Applications are also invited for Academy Research Fellow posts. The purpose
of Academy Research Fellowships is to offer researchers an opportunity to
gain competence for the most demanding research posts or other expert tasks
after the postdoctoral stage. Researchers may work part of the time abroad.
Applicants for the post may also be foreign researchers who already work in
Finland or who will come to work within the Finnish scientific community.

Decision-making regarding funding for international scientific conferences
and national scientific seminars will be transferred to the Federation of
Finnish Learned Societies as of the beginning of 2008. In this October 2007
round, however, applications shall be submitted to the Academy of Finland.

Other funding to be applied for:
- Funding for Senior Scientists
- Doctoral studies of employed people
- Researcher mobility in working life
- Researcher training and research abroad
- Academies and science policy associations
- International scientific conferences and national scientific
- Preparation of international joint projects
- Support to graduate schools and national researcher training courses

- International cooperation, including:
o Joint call of the Academy of Finland and the Indian Department of
Biotechnology (DBT) in the field of environmental biotechnology
o BONUS+ Joint Baltic Sea Research Programme

Published on Monday 3 September 2007 on the Academy´s website at
www.aka.fi/researchfunding > Deadlines and calls, the call for applications
is also available from the Registrar´s Office, tel. (09) 7748 8377 or
kirjaamo@aka.fi. The call is open from
1 October through to 31 October 2007, during which time the Academy´s online
services are open for drafting and submitting applications.

Further information:
- www.aka.fi/researchfunding > Deadlines and calls > October 2007
round of application (in Finnish, Swedish, and English)
- Science Advisers indicated in the call for applications
- www.aka.fi/eng > Questions and feedback

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tel. (09) 774 881