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Review Recommendations by the International Advisory Board to the leadership of the SAS
[18.11.2020] 311x
Review German Ambassador Barbara Wolf visited the SAS
[11.11.2020] 278x
Review Evaluation meeting of members of the International Advisory Board with representatives of the SAS
[10.11.2020] 393x
Review The President of the SAS received the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran
[9.9.2020] 385x
Review The Slovak Academy of Sciences is starting its own scientific podcast
[9.9.2020] 2086x
Review A bold step in the right direction
[17.8.2020] 690x
Review Slovakia has joined the call of the Distributed European Computer Initiative
[6.8.2020] 480x
Review Charles University in Prague and the Slovak Academy of Sciences signed a Memorandum of Cooperation within Doctoral Studies
[4.8.2020] 811x
Review The Visit of the Slovenian Minister of Education in the SAS
[22.7.2020] 455x
Review The first Slovak scientific institution to be awarded the “HR Excellence in Research”
[22.7.2020] 824x
Review The cluster´s priorities are internationalization in science and support of Slovak scientists
[24.6.2020] 654x
Review The Slovak Academy of Sciences Awards of 2019
[23.6.2020] 1806x
Review SAS announces the 2nd call of the Grant Programme for SAS PhD students
[1.6.2020] 715x
Review The SAS has the highest credibility with the population historically
[1.6.2020] 809x