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Z medzinárodného workshopu

International workshop about the posting of workers within EU

1. 6. 2021 | 756 visits

On May 26, 2021, the Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences SAS organized an international workshop “Mutual Learning Lab 2”, on the posting of workers - employees sent by their employer to carry out a service in another EU Member State on a temporary basis.

The workshop aimed to discuss solutions and policy recommendations addressing challenges of the enactment of posting of workers at the national level (from the perspective of project countries) as well as at the EU level. The workshop was attended by representatives of the research community, public sector, trade unions, employers, and non-governmental sector from eight project countries, namely Hungary, Poland, Austria, Northern Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Italy. The international workshop is part of the POW-Bridge – Bridging the gap between legislation and practice in the posting of workers.

Please find the agenda of the event HERE.

Text: Lucia Kováčová, Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences SAS

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