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SAS participates in increasing the digital, information and functional literacy of the Roma

4. 12. 2020 | 1140 visits

The Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences SAS has become one of the research partners of the Interreg Danube Transnational Program DREAM ROAD project. The opening event of the project partners with the participation of the public and the media took place online on December 2, 2020. The project is expected to end in December 2022. 15 organisations long established in the field of social inclusion of the Roma from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine and Slovakia, are involved in the project. Additionally, 14 local associated partners were invited to the project.

The name of the project “Dream Road” is an abbreviation of the name “Danube REgion for improved Access and eMpowerment of ROmA Development” [Podunajský región za zlepšenie prístupu a umožnenie rozvoja Rómov]. The main goal of the project is to bypass the existing gap between Roma and non-Roma in the field of information, digital and functional literacy.

To achieve the project goals, a special methodology was developed, which in the first stage includes the compilation of a "toolbox" containing intelligent participatory methods for involving the Roma in the educational process. The toolbox will enable the creation and functioning of knowledge laboratories (learning labs), it means community spaces for strengthening information, digital and functional literacy. This phase of knowledge transfer will be enacted through specially trained mediators, whose role will be to arouse interest among local Roma in creating and maintaining a community centred around knowledge laboratories. In the final stage of the project, information and educational campaigns are planned among employees of state and local authorities and other public institutions, which will focus on overcoming existing mental barriers in working with marginalised Roma communities.

The Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences SAS, together with an associated local partner, which is the City of Košice, will ensure the establishment of a knowledge laboratory at the Luník IX Roma settlement. As an established research institution, the Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences SAS represents in the project the main reference partner for providing consultations in the field of harmonisation of project implementation methods with social science methodologies

The members of the project team are Ivana Studená (The Institute for Forecasting CSPV SAV), Anna Kalistová (Institute of Social Sciences CSPV SAS), Ondrej Ficeri (Institute of Social Sciences CSPV SAS) and Slávka Mačáková (external member, ETP Slovakia).

Text: Ondrej Ficeri, Institute of Social Sciences CSPV SAS

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