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The Centre of Experimental Medicine SAS has received finances for a project that will help fight the pandemic

16. 9. 2020 | 1500 visits

On September 10, 2020, the APVV decided on the applications submitted under the call "Support for research and development with the intention of managing the coronavirus pandemic and its impacts on the period 2020-2021". Out of 116 submitted applications, the Centre of Experimental Medicine of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (CEM SAS) is one of the four successful institutions from the SAS.

The research team led by RNDr. S. Čačányiová, PhD., in cooperation with colleagues from the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and the Institute of Experimental Endocrinology of the Biomedical Research Center SAS, received funding for a project which aims at bringing new promising approaches in the treatment of cardiovascular complications associated with COVID-19 disease. The experimental pharmacological model of COVID-19 disease will study the extent of vascular damage that SARS-COV-2 virus infection can cause, and then the mechanisms of action of new, as yet untested, but promising pharmacological agents for the treatment of cardiovascular complications associated with COVID-19 will be examined. Monitoring mechanisms from the molecular level, through functional and structural changes in individual organs up to the level of response of the whole organism, represents a comprehensive approach to assessing both damages to the cardiovascular system and the effect of potential drugs. The project is a basic research project, however, its results will be a good basis for the design needs of clinical trials and later their application in clinical practice.

Text: Soňa Čačányiová, The Centre of Experimental Medicine SAS

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