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A bold step in the right direction

17. 8. 2020 | 1658 visits

Professor Mária Bieliková and her former colleagues from FIIT STU are founding a private Kempelen Institute of Information Technologies. Its focus is current and reflects not only the ambition to do quality science, but also the often verbally required cooperation with the private sector.

At its origin, the defined areas of research such as information security, misinformation and harmful behaviour on the Internet, natural language processing, intelligent energy networks, personalisation and recommendation for E-commerce, software testing and visualisation are determined not only by a professional focus of the research team but also by the vision of companies which invested the majority of funds in this project for its establishment and operation in the first years.

A private institute dedicated not only to the development of information technologies, applied research with the ambition to do also good basic research, and participate in doctoral studies is a pioneering and bold step. A bold step in the right direction The SAS is ready to cooperate with the Kempelen Institute of Information Technologies in all areas of the common interest. 

Pavol Šajgalík

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