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European Social Survey: two reports that will please

15. 6. 2020 | 696 visits

The European Social Survey project is a top-level survey coordinated by European academic institutions. The project prides on an extraordinary methodological accuracy, and its data are freely available for academic purposes. The Slovak data have been a part of it since 2004.

Slovak ESS coordinators from the Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences, SAS (The Institute of Social Sciences) Denisa Fedáková and Michal Kentoš are pleased to announce that new data from the ninth round of the ESS were published on 15 June 2020, which capture on a representative sample of Slovak respondents was taking place in the period of June-November 2019. The available data monitor the attitudes and opinions of Slovak respondents in the following areas: media, trust in society, political participation, subjective well-being, social exclusion, national and ethnic identity, socio-demographic profile of respondents and values. Especially, in this round of data collection, the available data are mapping life plans and events, attitudes to the ideal age, life planning and perceived justice in income, education and employment opportunities, trust in a just world. The Slovak data, together with data from 26 countries, are freely available here: https://www.europeansocialsurvey.org/data/round-index.html

The second report that pleases us is the fact that the excellence of the European Social Survey was rewarded with the American Political Science Association Lijphart / Przeworski / Verba (LPV) Dataset Award 2020. ESS Director Prof. Rory Fitzgerald commented on the award: “The award is a recognition of the high quality and usability of the ESS database. We are pleased that the ESS project has received recognition from researchers from the area of political sciences, who are among the key users of ESS data.” Thanks to the ESS national team, part of the award also goes to Slovakia: “Congratulations to all and as ever many thanks for your contribution to the European Social Survey.


Photo: unsplash/Ryoji Iwata