Why do people believe nonsense?

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On Wednesday, 14 November, a public conference entitled "Why People Believe Nonsense" took place at the CVTI building in Bratislava. The organizers of the event were the Institute for Experimental Psychology of the CSPV SAS and the PDCS (Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia).
In addition to researchers from the Institute of Experimental Psychology, Vladimir Bahna from the Institute of Ethnology and Social Anthropology of SAS and Dušan Ondrušek from PDCS also prepared popularization lectures.
During the lectures, participants learned the answers to the following questions: What are unfounded beliefs and why do people believe them? What is confirmatory bias and how does it manifest? Are people natural conspirators? How do our beliefs relate to our identity and culture? How do we protect ourselves from nonsense? What is scientific thinking good for and how can it be developed from childhood?
The second part of the conference was held in the spirit of World Café. This is a popular format based on an informal discussion of diverse people that stimulates new ideas and mutual enrichment of the discussion. The process of discussion was led by Karolína Miková and Dušan Ondrušek
In spring we can look forward to a popular publication of the same name from the Department of Experimental Psychology
Text and photo: Lenka Kostovičová, CSPV SAS

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Účastníci konferencie hľadali odpovede na viaceré otázky...
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Daša Strachanová, CSPV SAV
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Marek Jurkovič z centra so svojou prednáškou