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Riaditeľka Ústavu normálnej a patologickej fyziológie SAV Oľga Pecháňová a Ramaroson Andriantsitohaina z Univerzity v Angers, Francúzsko.

Lectures of excellent scientists

19. 6. 2008 | 3570 visits
International satellite symposium with the title Lifestyle-related diseases: cellular signaling and pathophysiology

In June 12th and 13th 2008 Institute of Normal and Pathological Physiology and Centre of Excellence for Cardiovascular Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences in cooperation with Centre of Experimental Medicine, European Network for Workplace Health Promotion, Slovak Physiological Society and NO club organized the Satellite symposium to the 22nd Scientific Meeting of International Society of Hypertension and 18th Scientific Meeting of European Society of Hypertension with the title “Lifestyle-related diseases: cellular signaling and pathophysiology “.

According to the World Health Organization burden of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and mental disorders as well, is rapidly increasing worldwide. Chronic lifestyle-related diseases and metabolic syndrome account for millions of deaths each year and are the leading causes of mortality in industrialized countries. Thus, the overall goal of this meeting was to bring together physicians and scientists from diverse fields with a common interest in mechanisms operating within pathophysiology of lifestyle-related diseases and their prevention and treatments.

The programme of the Satellite symposium included key note lectures of excellent scientists from different countries, free oral presentations on selected topics, and guided poster sessions.
The best poster presentation from every session was awarded.

We hope the programme of the Satellite symposium was one major step toward the long-lasting fruitful interaction and co-operation in our fields of interest. We believe we were able to provide an environment not only for a fruitful scientific discussion but for pleasurable social ambience and informality as well.

Olga Pechanova
on behalf of the Organizing Committee