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Ilustračná snímka

Fear of AI and its Use in Contemporary Democracies

29. 5. 2024 | 300 visits

The subject of the workshop will be the fear in human society linked to the contemporary use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Our knowledge of how AI works is limited, as claimed by Floridi and Chiriatti, as shown by the examples of the GTP2 and GTP3/4 neural networks. But also at the user level, their existence is "mythical" and very difficult to understand, as Simondon puts it.

The following questions arise: Can a machine create in the same way as humans? How can we interpret the activities that were traditionally considered authentically human, such as writing, translating, or, even more simply, ordinary communication? What is the role of AI creation in contemporary democracies? Could AI endanger the human structure of human society, as Heidegger already suggested? Our fear of AI has its roots in the mythical aura that accompanies it, but it also has rational reasons. The increasingly widespread use of algorithms in our daily lives leads us to the idea that our entire lives are guided by these algorithms, and their scope of influence grows every year (chatbots, online shopping, the use of AI in education and artistic creation, research, autonomous cars). However, should we not view AI as a part of more-than-human and search for some positive aspects of AI?

Venue: Library of Slovak Academy of Sciences, Klemensova 19, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia

Date: 6th June 2024


Source: Alžbeta Kuchtová, Institute of Philosophy SAS


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