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Babesia Genus parasitic single cells first found in the ornithomya genus bird ticks

18. 12. 2023 | 459 visits

In 2023, scientists of the Institute of Parasitology SAS published the results of the first molecular screening of pathogens in bird ticks of the Ornithomya genus from Slovakia.

The research revealed the presence of single-celled parasites of the genus Babesia (Piroplasmida), specifically Babesia canis, Babesia venatorum and Babesia microti, which are bound mainly to wild mammals such as carnivores (B. canis), deer (B. venatorum) and rodents (B. Microti).

The detection of these parasites with zoonotic potential in avian ticks opens the debate about their role in the circulation and transmission of pathogens between birds, mammals and humans.


Source and photo: Institute of Parasitology SAS



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