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New publication illustrates different approaches to the problems investigated by contemporary environmental philosophy

15. 12. 2023 | 393 visits

The Institute of Philosophy SAS considers participation in the creation of the publication Current Challenges of Environmental Philosophy to be an important scientific result for the year 2023. The authors of this volume focused on the philosophical problems of the climatic, demographic and political regime of the Anthropocene.

Contemporary environmental philosophy is a wide-ranging field of inquiry into the polycrisis of global industrial civilization. The work presents a selection of different approaches to the investigation of the relationship between civilization and the planetary system in the climate regime of the Anthropocene by authors working at the Institute of Philosophy SAS, as well as at other institutes in Slovakia and abroad. At the same time, it points to the unique interdisciplinary dimension of this investigation and its timeliness and urgency.

The authors focus on the philosophical, scientific, political, social, educational and religious dimensions of the environmental crisis, especially on the philosophical and political concept of ecological civilization (i.e. the element of confrontation of the concept of ecological civilization with the cultural tradition of the West, the political system of democracy and the unequal distribution of global capital), political and social critique of rationality in the Anthropocene era (i.e. criticism of unregulated liberalism of late modernism, post-industrial political economy and modern rationalism) and about the possibilities of environmental citizenship within the limits of individual responsibility for the environment. The methodological starting point of the entire book is the argument about the need to reevaluate the anthropocentric and metaphysical foundations of Western culture; without this change, science will be as powerless as politics.

Dědečková, E. – Sťahel, R. (Eds.): Current Challenges of Environmental Philosophy. Leiden - Boston : Brill, 2023. ix + 256 p. New Research in the History of Western Philosophy, Volume 3. Available on the Internet: https://brill.com/display/title/64244. ISBN 978-90-04-67994-8


Prepared: Andrea Nozdrovická

Source and photo: Institute of Philosophy SAS

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