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SAS assembly votes a new president

7. 12. 2023 | 1010 visits

Ľuboš Klúčár will become the President of the SAS Assembly for the third trimester of the term. Radoslav Passia and Katarína Gmucová were elected as Vice-Presidents of the SAS at a gathering on Thursday, December 7, 2023, in the SAS Auditorium. The start of their mandate is December 20, 2023. At the same time, the SAS Assembly approved with comments the Principles of Performance Financing of Scientific Organizations of SAS.

After the initial review of the resolution from the previous Assembly of SAS, Pavol Šajgalík presented information about the current situation of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. He addressed budget issues and negotiations with the newly elected members of the Government of the Slovak Republic. The SAS Assembly took note of the report.

In the supplementary elections, Peter Mésároš, Rector of the Technical University of Košice, was elected as an external member of the SAS Scientific Council.

In the report on the activity of the SAS Assembly in the second trimester, the President of the SAS Assembly, Radoslav Passia, informed about the approved documents and negotiated materials during this period. In the second trimester, the activities of the Assembly were also affected by the evaluation of the international panel, the members of the Assembly participated in meetings of the presidency and various important events of the SAS. The SAS Assembly took note of the report on the activities of the Assembly in the second trimester presented by the President of the SAS Assembly, Radoslav Passia.

The members of the Assembly elected Ľuboš Klúčár (2nd Chamber of the Assembly) for the next term, which will begin on December 20, 2023, while Radoslav Passia (3rd Chamber) and Katarína Gmucová (1st Chamber) became the Vice-Presidents of the SAS Assembly.

The Assembly discussed and, with comments, approved by chamber vote the amendment to the Principles of Performance Financing of Scientific Organizations of SAS, which was presented to the plenary by SAV Vice- President for Science, Research and Innovations Peter Samuely. The amendment responds to the need to include periodic evaluation of research, development, artistic and other creative activities (VER 2022) in the performance funding parameters of the SAS scientific organizations. In Miscellaneous part, member of the Presidium of SAS, František Simančík, informed the plenary of the Assembly about the progress of the competition for the urban concept of the SAS campus in Bratislava at Patrónka. The management of the Academy will soon present the results of the urban planning competition to the wider public.


Prepared by Andrea Nozdrovická

Photo: Peter Novák, Centre of Operations SAS

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