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CEMEA developed polymer substrates for storage devices

7. 12. 2023 | 366 visits

In 2023, the Centre for Advanced Materials Application SAS (CEMEA) focused on the development of polymer substrates for storage devices. The research focused on their development for lithium-ion batteries to mitigate the rapid decline in battery energy density and ageing.

The results showed a remarkable improvement in capacity degradation and life cycle. The centre has also developed key components of metal-air batteries based on affordable and safe materials. Air cathodes were prepared from innovative functionalized polymer substrates filled with synthesized cost-effective electrochemical catalysts. The gel-electrolyte was developed for aluminium-air batteries to reduce the formation of the passivation layer and the parasitic reaction at the anode. The research results showed that the gel electrolyte prepared on the basis of cationic polymers provided long-life batteries with minimal voltage loss and minimal self-discharge.

CEMEA continues to research the development of solid electrolytes for metal-ion and metal-air batteries in order to support the global trend of producing long-life and safe batteries for mobile devices.


Prepared by Andrea Nozdrovická

Source and photo: CEMEA, v. v. i.

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