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Institute of Experimental Physics SAS become associate member of the Virtual Alpine Observatory

3. 11. 2023 | 588 visits

Since 19 April 2012, the Virtual Alpine Observatory (hereinafter just as „VAO“) has been operating as a network of European High Altitude Research Stations based in the Alps and similar mountain ranges, and now includes ten countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Georgia, Italy, Norway, Slovenia and Switzerland). This cross-border and interdisciplinary cooperation has made it possible to address in great depth scientific problems relating to the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and cryosphere systems, and also the possible impact of environmental influences on health. You can find more information about the activities of this association, for example, on the official website of this association available at https://www.vao.bayern.de/.

On October 26, 2023, at the VAO management meeting, thanks to the initiative of RNDr. Šimon Mackovjak, PhD., the Department of Cosmic Physics of the Institute of Experimental Physics SAS was accepted as an associate member of this group, v. in. i., which is operated by the cosmic ray observatory on Lomnický štít peak.

"We expect that thanks to our admission to the VAO, we will strengthen our international cooperation in the field of cosmic ray research through measurements at high mountain observatories, and we will also be able to solve some common challenges together", added Jan Kubancak, Ph.D., who represented the IEP SAS at the VAO management meeting.

Cooperation will enable a simplified exchange of data and experience within VAO members, mutual expert assistance, a common procedure in the preparation of projects of European importance and a more diverse training of future scientific and technical workers for high-altitude observatories. Membership in VAO will thus be an important step for the further development of cosmic physics research on Lomnický štít observatory.


Source: Press release VAO

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