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Thanks to a Slovak scientist, the entry "Impossible Worlds" is in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

16. 8. 2023 | 551 visits

In the prestigious Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which deals with philosophy, philosophical questions and philosophers, the new entry "Impossible Worlds” was published these days. The author of the text about "Impossible Worlds" is Mgr. Martin Vacek, PhD., Junior Researcher at the Department of Analytic Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy SAS., and the Organon F Editor-in-Chief.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy has existed since 1995 and aims to provide access to scholarly and peer-reviewed information on key topics in all areas of philosophy. The encyclopedia works on the basis of the volunteer work of editors, authors, volunteers and technical editors.

In "Impossible Worlds” entry, there are given motivations for postulating impossible worlds as a tool for analyzing impossible phenomena. Other sections discuss things like applications of impossible worlds, problems with impossible worlds, their identity criteria, logic, etc. "The entry was created based on personal communication with a member of the editorial board of the encyclopedia. Since the entry was among those requested, we agreed very quickly," M. Vacek, for whom impossible worlds and their philosophical application form the core of his basic research, explains the origin of the entry. The whole process of publishing the entry in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy took about half a year. "The entry was commented on in detail by two anonymous reviewers. It was subsequently approved by the editor," adds the scientist when describing the creation of the entry.
The encyclopedia is free and available worldwide and is a reliable source in many university philosophy textbooks. 
The submission is generally by invitation, and the contributors are recognized and leading international specialists in their field. 
You can view the entry HERE.


Spracovala: Andrea Nozdrovická

Foto: morhamedufmg

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