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Ilustračná snímka

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Media Training For Scientists

8. 9. 2022 | 711 visits

Media Training For Scientists The SILBERSALZ Institute`s year-long program is designed for scientists who would like to collaborate with artists to develop new cultural projects that broaden the public perception of science and bring scientific research into mainstream media.

The resulting projects could be documentary films, games, immersive or interactive work or sci/arts and cultural projects at the intersection of science, research, technology and society.

Join us for our Online Inspiration Session running from 09:30 to 12:30 on the 20th of September 2022. Meet the experts of the upcoming edition of the SILBERSALZ Institute, along with some artists and scientists who are passionate about the potential for arts and media to inspire people with quality scientific research, and get more information about the program.

More Informations

Registration for Inspiration Day

Submission Deadline: 30th of September 2022


Foto: Silbersalz Institute/Joachim Blobel


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